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Have fun and practice maths with the monkeys!

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Our Apps

10monkeys Diver

Undersea addition adventure.

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10monkeys Bubbles

Subtraction with space bubbles.

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10monkeys Multiplication

The most fun way to practice multiplication.

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10monkeys Junior Math

Free for a limited time! Maths exploration for the little ones.

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meet the monkeys

Hello! And welcome!

I’m Lilo and here are my friends. What’s your name?

Look, I just found the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. Can we call it Emma after me? 

I’m Justus. I love to learn new things about the world around me.

Hi! I'm Julia. Nice to meet you! Do you like dancing? I love dancing! 

My name is Amelia.
I love games and competitions. And climbing into the trees!

I'm Jemma. One day I will paint a portrait of you!

I'm Maximilian, but all my friends call me Max. I like to read books and write stories. 

I’m Tia. Have you already met my twin brother Teo? He is the one right next to me.

Yay, you're finally here! Would you like to come out with me and wait for the stars?

Hi there! I'm Verne. I love to explore! I like to explore caves, discover dinosaur bones and dig for treasure.

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10monkeys Junior Math icon

"Houston, we have a maths problem!"

The ten monkeys have boarded a space ship and are exploring a galaxy far, far away. Join the monkeys on their journey and help them solve maths problems!

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