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10Monkeys for Teachers

Spice up your math classes with 10Monkeys games!

10Monkeys games and activities are designed especially for elementary school students and early learners. You can use our products as part of your math lessons at school, as extra material or as a way to reward your students.

10Monkeys Math World

On this page, you will find information about the 10Monkeys Math World practicing program, inspiring user reviews and practical tips on how to use 10Monkeys Math World in your classroom.

10Monkeys Math World

Math World Product
  • A comprehensive web-based math practicing program
  • Math for kindergarten and grades 1‒4
  • Makes practicing math fun, easy and rewarding
  • Tens of thousands of math activities - more than 250 different types of exercises
  • Curriculum-based with intelligent structure
  • Evaluation tool for saving teacher's time

Trusted by teachers and educators around the world!

Our content is scientifically designed and used by teachers in over 100 countries.

Over 300 million completed activities and counting!

A Personal Trainer for your students

10Monkeys Math World is an individual practicing program for your students!

Train on any device anywhere

Works with desktops, laptops, iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets and interactive whiteboards. 
 Can be used at school and at home for extra practice and homework.

Teaching and evaluation tool

10Monkeys Math World has a comprehensive teaching tool with a progress tracker to save time and help you evaluate your students' skills.

Case Studies

CASE: Saint Cecilia Elementary School, Canada

"Students are being engaged with independent math learning for a good 45 minutes straight (per day) – which is amazing! Watching students who are excelling helping those who are struggling is a bonus."

 Mr. Haverhill, Teacher for grades 12


CASE: Turku Normal School, Finland

"Turku Normal School has been using 10Monkeys for several years. Last year I used it with 2nd graders, and this year with older students.

We have used it as part of math lessons, also in special education. The overall feeling is that 10Monkeys Math World is very addictive! Kids love to practice with it and keep going at home together with their parents!"

‒ Petri Ahokas, teacher and digital evangelist, Turku normal school


CASE: Bottomup, Non-Profit Organization,
Western Cape, South Africa

"Many companies attempt to create educational games, but they often fall short of one of the two essential goals when doing so: either the game is not fun, or it doesn't facilitate learning. 10Monkeys has hit the balance just right, and investing in quality graphics really makes them a cut above the rest.

We used 10Monkeys in our numeracy project, and the learners made significant improvement. The grade 3 pass rate for math increased from 25% in 2013 to 51% in 2014!"

‒ Ashley Visagie,  Bottomup Director


99% of teachers

say Math World is a good tool for learning math

96% of teachers

say Math World inspires children to learn math

94% of teachers

recommend Math World for other teachers

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  • Individual accounts for the students
  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Home access
  • Evaluation tool
  • All languages 
  • Free updates

10Monkeys Math World for Schools includes:

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  • After the purchase you have 30 days to start the use of the product.
  • Delivery within 2 working days.

Help Center

Using 10Monkeys Math World is super easy! The program is very intuitive so you don't have to read manuals or user guides to get started. Just start playing!

For help please visit our Help Center.

Tips for Teachers

10Monkeys Math World is a versatile tool for teaching math, for all kinds of learners. Take a look at our practical tips for teachers!

1. Working in small groups enables learning from each other

Most things are more fun when you do it together with someone, and this is of course true for learning math as well. Have your students use 10Monkeys Math World in pairs or small groups in class. This way, not everyone needs his or her own device. Teamwork also gives the opportunity to learn from each other!

2. Visualizing topics with an interactive whiteboard or touch screen TV

In addition to being a practicing tool, 10Monkeys Math World can also be used for teaching in the classroom by using an interactive whiteboard or a touch screen. This way, the whole class can practice math together. This also offers you as the teacher an easy way to visualize the topics at hand.

3. Mixing up the sitting arrangement encourages interaction

If your students usually sit in rows in the IT-classroom, try a sitting setup where everybody can see each other’s screens, e.g. a circular setup.

This allows students to help each other and interact, and encourages them to work in groups. Studies show that just by sitting differently you can significantly influence the learning results!

4. In peer-to-peer learning, everyone is a teacher

Let the kids teach themselves and each other! Give your students an opportunity to freely explore 10Monkeys Math World, while still having specific goals. The idea is that everyone can help and teach everyone. You might be surprised by the results.

5. Older students teaching younger children ‒ while learning themselves

Organize a lesson where older boys and girls work together with the early learners in the same classroom. The older kids can teach younger students and read the instructions to the smaller ones. After all, they say that the best way to learn is to teach!