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10Monkeys for Parents

10Monkeys games make learning math fun and easy

10Monkeys offers high quality math learning content in a fun and motivating way. Our games and activities are designed specially for elementary school students and early learners.

10Monkeys Math World

On this page, you can find more information about the benefits of 10Monkeys Math World, our comprehensive math learning program, and how to use it at home.

10Monkeys Math World

Math World Product
  • Web-based math practicing program
  • Math for children in kindergarten and
    grades 1‒4
  • Tens of thousands of math activities - more than 250 different types of exercises
  • Motivating way to practice and learn more!
  • Progress tracker to follow up

Trusted by teachers and educators around the world!

10Monkeys Math World is scientifically designed and used in over 100 countries in schools and at home.

Over 300 million completed activities, and counting!

A Personal Trainer for your child

We offer an individual practicing program with thousands of motivating activities.

Train on any device, anytime and anywhere

10Monkeys Math World is web-based; it works on desktops, laptops, iPads, and Android and Windows tablets.

Encourage your child to learn

10Monkeys Math World is a perfect tool for extra practice and preparing for exams at home! The progress tracker motivates by making the results of practicing visible.

User reviews


“Since all my friends know that I homeschool, people often ask me for 
advice on ways for kids to keep up their education over the summer, or ways 
to get extra practice in different subjects.

10Monkeys Math World is a great site, and definitely one that is worth 
looking into for math practice. It is really a visually appealing website with 
fun graphics. The monkeys are adorable and my kids love it."

‒ Karyn, Teach Beside Me


“10Monkeys Math World doesn’t 'teach' math skills, but the activities 
are great for extra practice and putting new skills to use. Children will 
work at their own pace and can easily swing from one math skill to 
another, doing a little of this and a little of that so they won’t get bored.  
Children also have the opportunity to do the same activity over and over 
again. Each time they start again, the questions will vary to keep the kids 

‒ Crystal, Castle View Academy


“This is a program that my daughter really enjoys doing, and she asks for me to 'turn it on' for her after her younger sister goes to bed. I love that it gives us mommy-daughter time too, and it helps me monitor how well she is learning and advancing in math."

‒ Darci, Everything Mommyhood!


“My kids love 10Monkeys Math World and ask numerous times throughout the day to play the monkey math game. This fun, comprehensive  online tool will have your kids enjoying and learning math more effectively and faster in no time."

‒ Kathy, Kathys Cluttered Mind


“I have had kids that struggle with math, and have sent them to a tutor who gives them that same classroom/teacher feel that school has, which is kind of a negative vibe for them. To have a reward system at home and time on a site like this allows kids to progress, earn awards and record their progress, while parents can easily monitor the learning.”

‒ Erin, Parenting Healthy


“Michael went to work almost immediately as he became so excited seeing all the monkeys scattered on the screen! With a bit of supervision, it became 
clear that he understood the tasks quickly. He was giggling when he knew he got the answer right. We have spent about 30 minutes each day using 10Monkeys Math World.

I know that as we progress through the program, Michael advances in his 
knowledge of math concepts. 

‒ Our-Wolves-Den

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  • All languages
  • Free updates

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Help Center

Using 10Monkeys Math World is super easy! The program is very intuitive, so you don't have to read manuals or user guides to get started. Just start playing! 

In case you need assistance, please visit our Help Center.

Tips for parents

10Monkeys Math World can be useful in a variety of situations and for all kinds of math learners. Take a look at our practical tips for parents!

1. My child needs extra practice in math

If your child struggles with math, it’s often just because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn at their own pace. We are all different kinds of learners!

The best way to help your child is to let him or her explore math on his or her own and start building the math foundation from the beginning. 10Monkeys Math World is a perfect tool for this! Kids can easily explore and find the right kind of activities, and direct feedback gives an opportunity for trial-and-error learning.

2. How to help my child prepare for a math test

Test preparing can be fun! In 10Monkeys Math World, you can easily find familiar topics like subtraction, multiplication, geometry and many more.

If your child has an upcoming math exam, 10Monkeys Math World is an excellent tool for preparing for it. You can make the task more challenging by timing how fast your child finishes the game. If several kids prepare for the exam together, why not make it a playful competition and see who will finish first!

3. My child is way ahead of his/her class in math

Some of us have talent in math. However, this talent needs nourishing and caring. If your child loves math, the activities and pace at school can be too easy, which in turn might kill the enthusiasm. With 10Monkeys Math World, your child can progress at his or her own pace and learn as much as possible!

4. Parents and children learning and spending time together

At its best, learning is quality time spent together. 10Monkeys Math World is easy to use and offers children the possibility to practice math on their own. However, sometimes it’s more fun to make learning a shared experience. Make it a special time between you and your child, or even a competition! Try the mental calculations in the most challenging category 0-1000 or geometry – you might be surprised that kids are often better than us adults!

5. Older sister or brother as a math teacher

Encourage siblings to learn together. A big brother or sister can teach younger siblings and read the instructions to smaller ones. They say that the best way to learn is to teach!

6. All screen time is not time wasted! 

We believe that kids need to play, spend time in nature and be curious and creative. Still, technology is nowadays a big part of children’s lives as well. Why don’t you make good use of it? 10Monkeys education products are an excellent way to make the screen time count!