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About 10Monkeys

10Monkeys is a game studio that makes learning games for children. We focus on the universal inspiring language of math. We believe that learning should be fun. With our games, we encourage children to explore the world of math and to find their own, individual way of learning.


We believe that every math exercise should start and end with a smile

Learning can and should be fun; after all, that's the best way to keep children interested and motivated!

We also believe that every child deserves access to high-quality education. The digital world enables us to bring the best tools to homes and schools globally at minimal cost.

We take privacy and safety issues very seriously. None of our products contain controversial content or ads, and all information is stored securely.


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Our team consists of talented designers and developers. We are a passionate team that always takes the extra mile to make our products beautiful, educational and fun.

Our goal is to make digital products that are accessible, that fit the needs of today's learning, and most of all, that not only children but also teachers and parents love.


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